Youth Fellowship


Youth Fellowship of ECI seeks to cater to the needs of the young boys and girls of ECI. We thank God for His manifold blessings on all its activities. We aspire to witness the youth to be always somehow connected with the Lord.

During the Festival held in 2011, a Logo peculiar to the Youth Fellowship of ECI Chennai Diocese was designed and introduced. It carries the Vision of our most respected Bishop-President and the Bishop for the youngsters (Acts 2:17) that they should be drenched in the Holy Spirit which in turn trigger them up to see Visions and prophesy.


image007The Annual Youth Festival conducted by the Chennai Diocese has been a joyous occasion for the young boys and girls. The Festival is conducted on every 2nd of October. Our Respected Bishop-President and the Chennai Bishop would encourage the gathering with challenging thoughts. A prominent speaker who knows the pulse of the youth and who can speak in tune with them would be invited to motivate the younger hearts. Youth groups from all the ECI Churches in and around Chennai gladly flock into the Auditorium to celebrate the occasion. The efforts taken by the Pastors in organizing the youth for the festival is commendable. We praise God for His continuous guidance in all the events.


image010Other that the Youth Festival conducted by the Chennai Diocese, the Areas and Churches conduct retreats and competitions for the youth groups of the respective Area and Churches. The participants get opportunities to expose the God-given talents, may it be singing, enacting, preaching and the like. Their Scripture knowledge is also tested through competitions like Quiz, Dumb charade and Scripture exams. In these retreats the puzzles of the younger hearts were discussed and the youngsters get a solution for the dilemma they have developed within themselves. These small gatherings help the youth to be clarified in many areas of their Spiritual life and their life in the world as well.  


image011The Youth Department prayerfully seeks to see the Young boys and girls of our Churches to be somehow always be connected with the Lord. As an effort toward this goal, the department conducts Annual Scripture Examination for the youth of the Chennai Diocese. Some more efforts are taken to develop our youth in Biblical knowledge and in Godly fellowship as well. Kindly pray that all the efforts be fruitful.


image017Youth groups of the churches of Chennai Diocese involve themselves in various ministries available in their respective Churches. During Sunday evenings, they gladly take with them necessary instruments and they go for village ministries. They share the Gospel at first to the children of the villages through stories and songs. Then, through the children they reach their parents at home. It is praise worthy that some Churches have been established through the ministry done by the youth of our Churches. Moreover, they go to hospitals to pray for the sick, to prisons to lead the prisoners unto the Love of God.


image019It is commendable that the youth involve themselves in various activities of the respective Churches. They take some innovative efforts during the construction and renovation of their Churches. They help their respective Churches in purchasing LCD projectors to facilitate the worship, in buying musical instruments and P.A. System for the new born Churches and the like. The inventive steps taken by the youth are commendable.


Ø  to encourage Area-wise youth retreats in all the Areas of Chennai Diocese.
Ø  to equip at least 100 young boys and girls for the full time ministry.
Ø  to encourage many part time ministers.
Ø  to help the Spiritual growth of the youth through Scripture Examinations and the like.
Ø  to make the youngsters to become part of the fellowship through games.