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A National Missionary Arm of ECI


We deem it our privilege to greet our Bishop-President The Most Rev. Dr. M. Ezra Sargunam, Bishop of Chennai Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Sundarsingh, Bishop’s, Commissaries, Members of the Diocese, Area coordinators, Pastors and Elders we take pleasure in Submitting the Biannual Report of IMM for the glory of our Lord.

Our Beginning

Indian Missionary Movement was founded with the aim of reaching India for Jesus Christ with the help and assistance of the people of India. It was founded by the Most Rev. Dr. M. Ezra Sargunam, Bishop-President, ECI in the year 1974. Now 684 missionaries of IMM are serving the Lord in 12 states.

Our Goal

1. To send missionaries to un-reached places and plant churches
2.      To build churches in those areas where there are no churches.
3.      To train local believers through Bible school to shepherd the new churches and for mission purpose.
4.      To adopt the children of the local believers and give education to them.

In the past two years

1.      112 missionaries and evangelists were dedicated and sent to the field.
2.      We have adopted 130 Children of Malto tribe.   Further 200 children were adopted with the support of Lydia women’s fellowship during the Lydia women’s Fellowship Annual conference held on 15th August 2012.
3.      We have started a primary school in Jharkhand.
4.      45 Malto girls were given training in Sewing. And at the time of their graduation we gave all of them free Sewing machine.
5.      Conference for the tribal women were conducted through Lydia women’s fellowship in Jharkhand and Gujarat.
6.      Our Bishop-President laid the foundation stone for Dr. JDR. Kirubakaran Memorial ECI Mission School on 20th February 2009.  The building comprising 16 class rooms is coming up. The expenditure incurred towards construction so far is Rs. 1,05,00,000/-.   The School is proposed to be inaugurated on 28th Nov. 2012.
7.      We have imparted pastoral training to 30 Malto couples who volunteered for ministry.
8.      77 missionary pastors and 1,500 Malto evangelists were given training in ministry.
9.      32 Church Buildings have been built.
10.  9 Motor Cycles and 32 cycles were given to missionaries .
11.  New Mission fields started among the Badugas, Kaadu Kurumbas, Kothar, Paniyar tribes of Nilgiri Hills and Soura tribe found along the border areas of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.
12.  Number of People who were Baptized : 802.
13.  No of Churches Established  -  115.

Andhra Pradesh           -  85
Orissa                        -     1
Jharkhand                   -   27
Tamil Nadu                -     7

14.  IMM promotional work have been started in Pollachi & Palani
15.  IMM Sales were conducted in Mumbai & Chennai.

Requirements at Mission fields

1.      Very often our missionaries are exposed to various health hazards like Malaria & other diseases due to poor and unhygienic living conditions and by heavy work load.   They are also subjected to accidents while travelling which need medical care and subsequent medical expenses.  In view of the pathetic condition of our missionaries it is felt that if “Missionary welfare fund” could be initiated we could help them to tide over the financial needs during the medical crisis.
2.      Mission fields are in need of church buildings for worship.  In places like Jharkhand more than 250 churches need to be built immediately.
3.      400 Malto children are in need of monthly support of Rs. 500/- each.  We need people to meet this challenge before 2014.  We invite either a single church or a group of churches in a particular area to come forward to raise support for sponsoring 50 to 100 Malto children.
4.      We are in need of Rs. 35,000 every month to conduct Annai Mangalam Tailoring Classes.  We invite either Individuals or Churches to contribute towards this noble cause.

Our Challenges

1.      The fact that missionary work is part of church ministry cannot be ignored or denied.  Keeping this in mind our Bishop-President had founded IMM as an inseparable organ of ECI Church.  Thereby providing opportunities for the congregation to involve in missionary service through ECI.  These days as more and more people evince great interest in supporting the missionary work financially, it becomes important to make them aware of the work done through IMM Ministry. Hence during Sunday church services IMM field news & events can be shared with our Congregation.  Every family should have access to ‘Nirubam’ monthly journal which carries exclusive pages for IMM news updates.
2.      We have potential believers within ECI Church  who could be motivated to share the news of our IMM ministry with their friends and relatives far and near gaining their support for IMM.
3.      It is rather disheartening to note that many churches other than ECI are muddled up in election strife, court cases & bribery which have become painful news these days.  In a situation like this many Christian believers have lost their faith in the church.  If they could be reached with the news of IMM ministry they would come forward to support and get involved in our missionary work  of IMM.
4.      Our country is witnessing the mighty revival of the Holy Spirit in our generation.  Wherever Gospel is preached, people readily accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  We strongly believe that Holy Spirit will help us to achieve our goal of establishing 10,000 churches.   We need to make lot of sacrifices with real zeal and commitment to accomplish the missionary work entrusted to us.
5.      The purpose of the vision of IMM can be sustained only if every ECI church appoints a dedicated believer as IMM Deacon and every ECI church uphold the ministry of IMM with prayer groups praying on weekly basis.