Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among them.  Matthew 4:23

The health care and community development project was launched in the year 1991 as a part of the Relief and Development Department. During the initial years it provided medical care to the poorest of the poor in the slums. Doctors of our churches volunteered along with our ECI Nurses to help conduct these camps. It mainly concentrated on the curative aspect.

Health Care and Community Development Department  evolved as a separate department in the year 2013. The aim of this department is to encourage people to be healthy, to know how to stay healthy, to do what they can individually and collectively to maintain health and to seek help when needed.

The main functions of the department

The main functions of the department:



Prevention of Disease and Health Promotion

Prevention of Disease and Health Promotion:

This is done by Health education programs and school health program. In this program the school children are given free health check up once in a year. Children with health problems are identified and referred for further treatment. The major health concerns of the school children are identified and a health education program exclusively designed to impart knowledge and to bring about a change in their life style is provided. We use innovative methods like drama, dance and puppet show to bring awareness regarding their health among school children.

We conduct mass awareness program for the public from time to time based on the felt need of the community. For example conducting mass awareness program with the involvement of local leaders in the prevention of Dengue fever and other sicknesses.

We also give health talks during our Women’s conferences, youth meetings and pastors meetings. Free health check up is done for our church pastors and their families from time to time.


Curative Services

Curative Services:

Medical clinics are conducted in rural and slum areas regularly. Here the poor people receive free check up and medications. The health team of ECI takes care of these camps. People who require specialized care are referred to hospitals. Each month around 300 poor people are benefited through these clinics.

Rehabilitative services

Rehabilitative services:

We are in the process of developing a day care center for the senior citizens where they get to meet others like them and can share their thoughts and feelings. We plan to provide lunch for them.

Training Program

Training Program:

We train the school teachers on how to identify the sick children and also how to handle health emergency situations in schools.

We also train the Bible College students on First aid and Nutrition.

Future plans of Health Care and Community Development Department

Future plans of Health Care and Community Development Department:

1. To tie up with hospitals to have free full medical checkup for pastors and christian workers once in three years.
2. To have a Multispecialty Hospital in Hope City.

How you can get involved:

How you can get involved:

By Praying:

1. Pray for the medical team, to serve the sick and needy with skill, compassion and love.
2. Pray for sponsors to uphold this ministry financially.
3. Pray that the healing touch of God will be felt by the people that we serve.

By Donating:

1. There are around 3500 pastors and Christian workers working with us. It cost just Rs: 130 ($ 2) for general health check up of an individual.
2. We intend to do health check up and health education for 4000 school children. It will cost a miter amount of Rs: 150 ($ 3) for each child.
3. Each mass health awareness camp will cost Rs: 25000 ($ 403)
4. We require a LCD projector with screen for health education purpose. This will be useful for power point presentations, and also for showing short videos regarding health. It cost Rs: 43,000 ($ 693)
5. A vehicle to transport the health team to remote villages and slums. It cost around 5 laths ($ 5000)
6. Towards the purchase of medicine for the poor people, we require RS: 5000 per month ($ 80).

By volunteering:

1. You can form a team and visit us to conduct free medical camps.
2. You can get involved in training the school teachers.
3. You can volunteer to conduct health education programs for the public as well as for school children.