ECI- VisionTrust has been serving hundreds of needy children since 2004 by providing them with quality after-school education, school supplies, nutritious snack for good health, safe & pure drinking water, clean toilets at the learning centres, sanitary napkins for adolescent girls thus working towards their goal to make the children live for God and love others by sharing God’s love considering the holistic development of a child. As most of the children who are enrolled in this programme come from unpleasant and troublesome family backgrounds, VisionTrust sensed the need to care for the mental health of the children too. So, in order to help the teachers understand the behavioural health of the children better, VTI organised a ‘Staff training in Health’ at Salvation Army between 28th and 30th of September, under the leadership of Dr. Jill Cawizell (International Health Director, VTI) and her team, in which 96 participants from 4 different states participated. The participants were trained on how to become a trauma-competent caregiver to provide the children who are trapped under depression due to abuse, neglect or bad past, a better and brighter future by caring for them deeply and helping them regain their lost self.

The dignitaries Father Bishop Dr Ezra Sargunam, Bishop President Dr Sundar Singh, Bishop-Chennai Diocese The Rt. Rev. Raja Singh, Bishop-North Andhra and Telangana Diocese The Rt. Rev. John Victor and Bishop’s Commissary Rev Mrs.Kathiroli Manickam blessed the training with their presence.