It was in 1976, Rev. Sadhu Singh, the Pastor of ECI Radha Nagar started a ministry at Chrompet Anna Nagar as an outreach of the Radha Nagar church. Since then the Church has been growing steadily under the able leadership of different Pastors. Over a dozen of faithful servants of God have ministered at ECI Chrompet Anna nagar since its inception. The Church has been a beacon to the people living in Hastinapuram as numerous people both Christians and non-Christians flock to the church every day for prayers.

For the past ten years, the pastors and congregation felt the need for a spacious place of worship as the church was unable to accommodate all the members. The pastors took efforts to raise funds for the new church building for the past ten years.  After Rev Jayakumar took charge of this congregation, they felt the need to start the construct works at the earliest.  So, in June 2016 with around 30 lakhs in hand they started the construction works.  In little more than a year the congregation raised and spent more than one and half crore rupees (250,000USD) and the building was dedicated on 3rd September 2017. What is even more amazing is almost 90% of the finances had been met by the local congregation numbering around 50 families. We praise and thank God for such congregations who own ECI ministries and go out of their way in raising funds for church constructions, supporting missionaries and other ECI related ministries.