Pastor Grejila is one of our pioneering missionaries in the state of Jharkhand when ECI started our ministries in this State through Indian Missionary Movement in the year 2006. In the same year 2006, Grejila completed her Bachelor of Theology course from our Calcutta Bible Seminary. Even though she was from the state of Assam, Grejila wanted to serve among the downtrodden people as a cross cultural missionary. Since a new mission field opened in the very same year 2006 in Jharkhand, Grejila counted it as the Lord's leading for her to work among the Malto community in Jharkhand.

She devoted her life for the educational empowerment of the Malto children. She started her career as a teacher in a small Mission School established by ECI for the upliftment of Malto community. She also taught tailoring classes for the malto women to upgrade their socio economic status. The happy and joyful years of her ministerial career became untenable when she was diagnoised with kidney problems in the year 2014. From 2014 she has been under treatment and we tried our utmost to give the best medications for her.

In the beginning of this year 2017, she became very sick to the point of death. It was little late for the doctors to recognise that both of her kidneys have almost failed. So, for the past few months Grejila is under dialysis for three times a week. After much efforts, finally her mother decided to give one of her kidneys for Grejila and doctors have done all the tests and now they are ready for transplantation in the next month. Pray for the needed funds so that she can go through kidney transplantation process and serve the Lord happily for many more years.