As we have celebrated ECI Diamond Jubilee in the year 2016, we have prayerfully set a goal of planting 100 thousand churches before the Centenary year 2056.  Humanly speaking it's a big task, but with God it is possible.  Our role is to challenge the pastors and believers to be a part of this God given Vision.  So, these days we are motivating all our believers and Partners to claim a share in this Centenary Vision.  Our prayer is that the entire church will own this Vision and work towards realising this Vision. 

In order to pass on this Centenary Vision, we organise Vision casting meetings at the Diocese level or even at the local church.  One such program was held in one of our Mission fields in Javvadu Hills on 20th August to motivate and challenge the ECI believers and others to get behind the missionary works of Indian Missionary Movement and work towards the Centenary Vision of ECI.  Bishop Dr M Ezra Sargunam exhorted the participants with the Word of God and offered special prayers for God's anointing in serving the Lord either as full time or bivocational workers.  Pray for the Lord to raise more dedicated workers who will walk with faith in the Lord and deep commitment in their heart.